About The Director

Film Editor turned Filmmaker

Functional people, doing Dysfunctional things.
From film editor, to filmmaker, a smooth transition with dues paid in full. David focuses on hard issues in his writing, dealing with addiction and mental illness as the focus for many of his films. The hard reality one has to face when cornered in a psychological maze, and the lines of reality  constantly moving, being unable to find your way out of the haze of deception. The long slow fall for those who have love ones who have fallen by the wayside, into the pits of hell. Society turns away and shamefully judges without reservation, as their withered, emaciated existence hangs on a thin frail line of hopelessness. Mental illness is a very hard reality, few can fathom the strength and courage to endure what it is like to be slapped. kicked, bitten and psychologically humiliated to the point where you eventually fire back, and lose your cool. Drawn into their dysfunction and insanity, and pushed over the line. Somewhere in there you will find awareness, or like most, turn your head and look the other way and ignore the truth… Warning viewer discretion is advised.

It’s passion that drives my desire to make films


A good script, excellent actors, low budget but entertaining. This film is an emotional roller coaster ride taking you into the minds of those afflicted with the addiction disease. If you like dark content, riveting story-lines, and great performances by an elite cast, please follow our film. If you are offended by strong language and controversial content, this film is probably not for you.

The Best People

Working with the best people produces the best results. A Special shout-out to my entire cast and crew for an amazing job well done. Stay tuned! #drugsboozewoes
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Functional people, doing Dysfunctional things.
This is not an easy film to make, nor to watch. It is a reminder of the truth, the part known to self unknown to others, a staircase into your own, our own, personal hell. While under the influence, we all become Jekyll or Hyde maybe even both, it all depends on how many demons are inside that needs to come out. So that finally we can confront the facade of our own truth…
As we struggle to make it to the last frame, remember just one word; “Awareness” that says it all. DRUGS & BOOZE = WOES