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David Molino started his career in Burbank California as an offline/online editor cutting music videos at the heyday and birth of MTV. It was the days of Grass Valley, CMX & Convergence for those who remember. He went on to become one of the first to operate the AVID Media Composer, AVID Film Composer, Media 100, Ediflex and a host of others nonlinear systems. A new industry was born and he was on the cusp of a new generation of post production. There were no classes, everything learned happened in the field, the hands on grind of the day to day pressure of Hollywood deadlines, with a new technology.

Ayana Khann


David Molino

Writer, Producer, Director

Ahmad Muhammad Hasson

1st AD / Camera

Drugs, Booze & Woes

An awkward journey into the world of dysfunction, the ramifications of recklessness, drug and alcohol abuse, and and living the life of ill repute.

For Amy, trying to get out of hell ain't easy, once you've reached rock bottom. For Davey, he's living large, paying servitude to a transgender sugar-mama.

Six functional people, a head on train wreck of disaster. They all face dire consequences that will eventually set two of them free.

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the story of dysfunction, addiction and fate
You find more enlightenment while you walk through the valleys in the shadows, a familiar spirit, whose job is to consume your thoughts with negative thinking… Sucked in and forced to engage while looking for a doorway out. Creating Awareness…