Finding a suitable script

Story is always the most important element, either write it, or have someone write it. Being sure to keep the story interesting and fitting into the Beginning, Middle End paradigm. I enjoy writing, I find it comfortable to loose myself in a story for weeks at a time.

Then good casting

The hardest part is finding the characters. Always a challenge. I spend a great deal of time casting my films, looking for extraordinary talent willing to push the envelope out of the norm. I am very happy with my choices and I will continue to reach out to new talent out there…


I like weird locations, lots of shadows and mood lighting. Rain, Fog, Abandoned houses, Trailer parks, Underground sewers and Strange places to make strange movies.

Mounting The Film

Fourth Step
I come from the world of post production, flatbeds, to early CMX and Grass Valley controllers. Nonlinear had made the process far more simpler in one aspect and complex in the other. I still prefer film, but for now we’ll stay Digital until we find a market for our kind of films.


Fifth Step
Premiering your film is validation that you are a filmmaker and you are willing to fall victim to critics that may not be favorable. It’s all part of the process. Love what you do, and do what you love. Everything will be just fine…